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Bridgenet provides data security and protection that empower security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment. Your business data represents your intellectual capital, competitive differentiator and the lifeblood of your organization.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is a method of converting data from a readable format into an unreadable, encoded format. Encrypted data can only be read or processed after it has been decrypted, using a decryption key or password. Only the sender and the recipient of the data should have access to the decryption key.

As you deploy an encryption solution, you should be aware that encryption is vulnerable to attack from several directions:

It is possible to use computer programs to break some encryption algorithms and gain access to encrypted content, although stronger encryptions require a massive amount of computing resources to break.

Minimize risk, protect sensitive data and adapt

Encrypted data in transit can be vulnerable. Authorized devices can be infected by malware that ‘sniffs’ data or ‘eavesdrops’ as data travels across networks. Encrypted data at rest can be compromised, either by malware on a storage device, or by unauthorized users who gain access to user passwords or keys. Nevertheless, data encryption can deter hackers from accessing sensitive information, and is essential to most security strategies.

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