Managed Security Services Provider

Beef up your organisation’s IT security with Bridgenet Solutions’ Managed Security Services.

We offer a dedicated security operation centre that’s kept up to date with increasingly sophisticated threats.

Our expert team offers comprehensive technology support services for organisations of all sizes. We host, deploy, and manage your security infrastructure while providing IT security services. Our Security Operations Centre’s shared services allows us to do all this remotely.

Our Security Services include

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR)

Managed Security Infrastructure

Co-Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

Overall security monitoring and management

Benefits of Bridgenet Solutions’ Managed Security Services

Cost effective

Our Managed Security Service Provider is cost effective with low startup cost and a flexible subscription model that can be customized for every organisation.

World standard ITSM Framework

Our process-oriented Managed Security Services Professionals simplifies each process in the most efficient manner while complying with the world standard ITSM Framework.

Wide Range of industries

We provide services for a huge range of businesses with a proven customer base from industries such as banking and financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, education, IT and telecommunication service provider, automobile, transportation and logistics services, properties, and plantation and more.

Best-of-the-best practices

Our clients will benefit from the “best-of-the-best practices”, thanks to our Managed Security Service Provider’s matrix of clients’ environment.

Improved performance

Our clients can eventually focus on and grow their core business without worrying about their everyday IT operations.