Enterprise IT Solutions

An enterprise solution is a software application designed to meet the different needs of an organisation rather than an individual end user or small business.

Large organisations with broad ranges or operations often come with unique challenges such as interdepartmental communication and international commerce.

The use of enterprise solutions can help an enterprise to overcome these challenges, thus improving its performance.

Enterprise solutions are designed to streamline multiple areas of a company’s business by exchanging information from various business process areas and related databases.

These solutions enable companies to retrieve and share extremely important data throughout the organisation, providing managers with real-time operating information.

This is particularly useful for enterprise professionals whose responsibilities cover multiple functional areas within the organisation.

A compliance officer, for example, may require access to the systems of all the departments of an enterprise.

Bridgenet Solutions provides enterprise operations management to effectively execute, manage, and monitor an organisation’s workload automation processes.

We provide solutions in


LAN, WiFi, voice, WAN, network modules, network cables, Application Delivery Controller (ADC), SD-WAN, Software Define Network


Availability, Performance and Configuration


Telepresence video conferencing systems, integrated video conferencing systems, service-based video conferencing systems


Laptops, computers, software, subscriptions, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices


Public and private cloud management

Data storage/

Server, storage, virtualisation, backup

Benefits of Bridgenet Solutions’ Enterprise IT Solutions

Improved data management

Data management is integral because you’re dealing with a huge amount of information. Processes like bookkeeping and payroll require top notch data management and organisation which we can provide.

Modern efficiency

With evolving IT demands for businesses to keep up with, we provide enterprise IT solutions that ensure your business’ computer systems are up to date. With the best enterprise tools available, you’re able to run your business more efficiently.

Enhanced safety

Keep your business safe by protecting your IT assets with our comprehensive virus protection program. We keep your computer systems up to date while constantly monitoring for any threats to be neutralised.