Our Policy

No Bribery and Corruption & No Gift Policy

Let's Do the Right Thing!

Bridgenet Solutions Sdn Bhd is committed to conducting our business to the highest standards of integrity and good governance.

Zero Tolerance On Bribery And Corruption

Bridgenet establishes a culture of and adopts a policy of zero tolerance against all forms of bribery and corruption. Bridgenet is committed to conducting its business dealing ethically with integrity ensuring uncompromising adherence to professionalism, strong moral principles and laws and regulations enacted countering bribery and corruption.

No-Gift Policy

Bridgenet practice “No Gift Policy” in all its dealings. Save as allowed under this Policy, all Bridgenet’s employees (including their family members) and its stakeholders shall not at any time accept from and/or offer gifts to third parties whether directly or indirectly, and must immediately refuse and/or return such gifts.

This policy is for the avoidance of conflicts or the appearance of conflicts of interests in any Bridgenet’s ongoing or potential dealings.

Bridgenet Solutions thank you for your continuous support.